What is the RCP components app on Android devices?

Many users wonder what is the RCP components app? Let’s try to figure it out. RCP stands as Rich Client Platform. It is a tool to develop and to integrate independent software components. Most of the data processing occur on the client side.

Shortly, using RCP components software developers can write soft, tools and build their own applications using existing platforms, devices, and, for example, smartphones. It makes easier and much faster building different kind of applications. In fact using ready and tested units is more effective than writing original codes, testing tools, and finally having a stand-alone application. Another benefit is increasing compatibility of RCP applications with devices because of using common API. Ready independent software modules are integrated by simple mouse click. It permits to link graphic interfaces, texts, databases, to use and to launch geo location services and maps. Developers are saying that apps built with RCP are portable to many operating systems. Therefore RCP apps will be launched on various devices. For example, well-known apps with open code such as Eclipse, NetBeans and Spring Framework СКТ for Java.

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