“Sorry, there was a problem with your request” in Instagram

The vast majority of updates in social network innovations is not going smoothly. Some of them are criticized sharply by community for bad new design or for inconvenient routine. However there are updates that cause a number of problems in network operation.

Precisely such an error appeared recently in Instagram when users were trying to login their profiles via phones. No surprises are there. Software developers release one update after another. At this point it is possible to miss something important in pursuit of perfect features. Nevertheless if one is persistent enough, the way out is likely to be found. Here we will tell you how to fix “Sorry, there was a problem with your request” error when trying to login your Instagram. Below is the list of possible solutions which we have managed to collect on the Web.

Method 1. Try to login your account using another phone. It looks odd but sometimes it works.

Method 2. Try to login via Facebook. Likely, you have been recommended more than once of how to link two your accounts in social networks. If you managed it once, you would easily fix the problem one more time. It is enough to login your profile in Facebook linked with Instagram.

Method 3. Go to Instagram website. You can’t enter your account but you will be able to look through the news tape.

"Sorry, there was a problem with your request" in Instagram

Method 4. Log in your Instagram account on Windows 10. It turns out that it is possible safely use Direct in any laptop (except MacBook) and login one’s Instagram account using application version available for the Windows. Have you logged in? If it’s so, you are able to read Direct and reply your mail. But, we strongly recommend before the session is finished, go to settings, find “Friends on Facebook“, link your Facebook profile, and wait a little until both your accounts link one another. Afterwards, you have always a way to get access as it is in Method 2.

Method 5. Launch Instagram Web-version. Login and go to the settings. Find “Temporary disable my account” option, confirm by tapping the link. As a reason select “Unable to login”, confirm temporary disabling, and wait for about 3 hours. You can reenter you account using your login. We don’t know what exactly is going on behind the scene for these three hours. However the vast majority of users have solved the Instagram login issue by doing this way.

Method 6. Remove Instagram and reinstall it. Sometimes the method works.

Method 7. Reset factory settings. A number of users have reported that it worked for them. You can try it of course. But, do not forget to make a reserve copy to secure all data saved in your device.

Method 8. If no one method works for you, you have to employ the last solution. Find the line “Login Help” in the screen. It’s pale and barely seen. The required information as the first in the list of suggested problems and it is not entirely visible in the screen. Nevertheless, make sure you select the first one and type your email address into correct line. Then tap “Send email” and wait for Instagram envelope icon back. When it returns open it, find the big blue button and tap on it. There will be the question which app you prefer to use to open the link. Select Instagram and confirm it by tapping on “Use this app always” line.

Well, our compliments to all who have managed to fix the issue. We always appreciate our readers comments and ask them to share their experience on our pages.

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