Unknown contacts joined Telegram: how to get rid of it?

Does the messenger Telegram periodically add unknown people to your contact list? There’s a reason for that! Think back, have you ever inserted your SIM card into someone else’s smartphone? Or maybe you once logged in with your Google account on someone else’s device? The appearance of random people in your contacts is a consequence of these actions. The thing is that the messenger automatically remembers contacts from other people’s devices and adds people you don’t know, who have just started using Telegram, to your smartphone chats.

Contact Joined Telegram

Fortunately, it is quite easy to wean Telegram off this bad habit. The client for Android has hidden settings that will help you easily remove unfamiliar contacts from the messenger servers. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the messenger menu, find the “Settings” item and select it;


  2. Scroll down to the line with the Telegram version;


  3. Tap this line 10 times in a row, then press and hold it until the debug menu appears;


  4. From the debug menu, select “Reload Contacts” and “Reset Imported Contacts” items.

That’s it. You won’t be bothered by strangers in your contacts anymore.

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