How to clear cache in MIUI 12 using hidden settings?

Xiaomi users quite often face the issue of quickly internal storage growing for no reason. But not everyone knows that the phone’s storage is mostly clogged with unnecessary files. The trash is not deleted on its own. Temporary and corrupted files, cache and installation distributions remain in the device’s memory. When the storage is full, the smartphone starts to slow down. Therefore, it is important to know how to clear cache of your Xiaomi smartphone.


Previously, along with the 11th MIUI version, the cache could be easily cleared through the system settings. However, after updating to MIUI 12, this feature was removed from there. However, it turned out that it was not permanently removed from the firmware, but only hidden from view. And now we will try to find it.

To do this, we need any application to access Activity. We’ll take Activity Launcher as an example.

  1. Install and open the Activity Launcher application;


  2. In the search field, type “Storage” and open the item of the same name;


  3. This brings us to the familiar menu that was on MIUI 11;


  4. Now you just need to select “Cached data” and confirm to clear the cache.
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  1. Great ?? i really looking for this solution since long, my device memory is full in miui12. How to clear android cache, no options. Now i can clear cache with the help of this article. Many thanks.

  2. Wow!! Really looking for this for so long.. i tried it and it works like magic!! Thank you so much..

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