How to turn off “Don’t cover the earphone area” on Xiaomi?

If you are Xiaomi smartphone owner, it is likely you often face the message “Don’t cover the earphone area” or “Don’t cover the orange area of the screen” (for old MIUI versions). What is the cause of this message? Is it possible to disable it? If so then how to do it? Let’s answer all these questions in turn.

Don't cover the earphone area


Why does the message “Don’t cover the earphone area” display?

It shows because “Pocket mode” is on. The purpose of this mode is to prevent unblocking when accidental touch screen happens. It is pretty often when device is in ones pocket. At the same time the proximity sensor analyses lack of space around the screen and warns its owner. Try to shield the area around the sensor by your hand or your finger when unblocking the phone and you’ll see the same message on the screen.
If the message displays when the screen is open and without your part, then it means one of the following:

  • Dirty area around the proximity sensor (do clean it, and restart your device);
  • Firmware failure (do restart your device);
  • Bag in device firmware (required firmware upgrade );
  • The proximity sensor is broken (it is unlikely. If so, go to service shop).


How to make “Don’t cover the earphone area” message disappear?

Xiaomi company suggests the way to disable the message. It is also on the screen (press the “Volume Up” button). This method turns out to be no means universal. Below we suggest a little longer way to disable this message.

  1. Go to “Settings”, then to “Lock screen & password”;


  2. Scroll down to line “Advance settings”, touch;


  3. Find line “Pocket mode”. Turn it off, the message won’t bother you again.

Note: turning off “Pocket mode” you disable this function. In other words your phone might be unblocked by accidental touch without any notification.

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  1. honestly i have to appreciate your effort because this platform is very helpful in solving issue related thank you

  2. Is it very import to our phone?because my new 4n case cover always get that can i solve that problem

    • i have the same problem too! i bought a new case, and the screen does not turn on and off well anymore because it says that its covering the earphones section. solved already by turning off pocket mode, but screen does not turn on and off normally still huhu please help

  3. Thank you, I didn't know what actually caused it, just remembered I enabled it once just incase to not call anyone without an actual purpose. Yes I have a pre-paid card… Thanks anyways solved

  4. There is a known issue with the proximity sensor in recent models of Xiaomi and Redmi (last couple of years), causing undue "Don't cover the earphone area" messages. There was an article on GSMarena talking about how Xiaomi is planning some fix. Let's hope it is done soon.

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