How to solve “Your SIM card is not activated” issue on Xiaomi?

It is pretty often when Xiaomi smartphones owners fail to activate SIM cards. The manufacture claim that the activation via Mi Account increases smartphone security. However sometimes users make mistakes which might cause the issue. When registering Mi Accounts via emails one can tap incorrect phone numbers or miss it at all. The issue can arise for bugs in installed firmware, or incorrect phone number identification, or device failures running under custom ROMs. In any case a user gets either “Your SIM card is not activated” or “SIM card activation error” message.

SIM card activation error


How to activate SIM card on Xiaomi?

To find out the cause of the issue is quite difficult. However it is easy to fix it. We suggest here three methods of how to solve it. All of them are safe for a device. Moreover it is very likely that one of them will work for you.
Method 1. Activate SIM card on Xiaomi official site
It is an easy and effective method if the cause of this issue is an error has made in registering a Mi Account. To employ this method one has to enter Xiaomi official site and enter his/her Mi Account login and password. Then open “Security” tab and enter the phone number (check whether it is correct, if it’s not, fix it). The only remains is to tap “Change” and wait for a message on the phone. This message will contain a code which is to enter into the website. Sometimes these actions are enough to activate SIM card.

Method 2. Enter the number manually
This method can work if the cause of the issue is the number identification error. When you get the SIM activation error message, tap on it. You will see a failure SMS message. Then you should keep tapping a repeat button for 3-4 times until phone number input window opens. Enter your phone number in. Hopefully the issue of the SIM activation will be fixed.

Method 3. Activation via mobile operator
Usually a SIM card is activated by sending a system message to another country. This kind of messages are often blocked by cellular network providers. Thus before trying to fix the issue employing this method one better call provider’s tech support service to find out whether this service is available on his/her phone. One more point. One has to have enough budget on his/her account (this service is not free of charge).

What to do if nothing works?

If you are unlucky to get rid of the issue following one of our methods we recommend check your firmware for updates. It is possible that the version you use contains bugs which have been successfully fixed in later versions. In this case you should update your firmware. If this does not help, well, try to get help from mobile provider office or call to their service center.

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  1. Sir i have problem in my mobile…
    I am from Pakistan I use Ufone Network sim in my mobile. Recently i visit Indonesia. I use Indonesian sim working fine in my mobile but when i back to Pakistan i use my Ufone Network sim which i use before is not working now.
    It shows signals and also 3G working but when i try to call so it says Cellular network not available. i cant call or sms to anyone but 3G is working fine.
    I also can not use anyother Network Sim.
    Just Zong Network Sim working in it now.
    If i use my sim in other mobile so it work fine there. but not in my Xiaomi MI MIX 3.
    What is the problem…???
    How to solve it…??

  2. I regret getting a mi 9t my simcard gets deactivated randomly and I can't use internet for long periods of time. Seriously annoying Chinese company forcing the user to pay to activate on their stupid systems when my son card already works fine here? I hate Xiaomi!

  3. I can do sending and receive message, do some call and receiving call, but still can't activate sim card notification is out
    So what shoul i do?

  4. Hie am from south Africa I can't call or receive sms it is always saying mobile network isn't available

  5. Am Tired Of This Redmi 7.
    I Brought It From Somebody Don't know How To Sync My Messages.
    It's Showing The Person's Number And Email Am Confused Don't Know What To Do.
    Pls Any Advice?

  6. I think this problem is country related.
    nothing worked for me from my phone.

    The only workaround I've found was to enter website from my laptop, logging in from there and activating cloud, sim card, and all the necessary settings from there.

    Hope it'll work for you guys too.


  7. The solution is simple. For this, no languages ​​or other manipulations are necessary. According to his recommendation: Settings – Sim cards and mobile networks – Internet in roaming – set to "Always" (do not worry, this is necessary for several minutes) – then you need to start the SIM Activation request again (I just rebooted the smartphone and into the status This request appeared again at the bar) – I clicked there – SMS sending apparently went (of course, the balance should be replenished) – and a message about successful activation was instantly displayed. After that, the Internet in roaming – put "Never", that's it 🙂 the SIM card item finally sees the phone number! It was precisely the solution to the situation that was sought – and this is definitely a fresh working method, probably the matter is in the sim and operator, the "roaming" option helps, and in none of the articles and videos on youtube this method was used. (Use google translate! Sorry if there are errors )

  8. Sir have purchase mi note 9 pro but it is not activating the sim why sir pls give me suggestions and how to resolve that problem…sir

  9. Mi message sim slot 2 send message to other miui devices without incurring chargrs

    Active sync message regular sms will be send to active sync message you will be changed by the carrinr

  10. none of this helps at all. when i got my Xiaomi Note 8 Pro, it activated the sim card. when I removed it to install a memory card, it then said sim card cannot be activated.

  11. I have a redmi note 8 pro. I changed my network data option to one sim to another sim. First sim card cannot be activated no signal.

  12. hello ..i have redmi note 9 pro,and problem is that my 2 sim card not activated ,while before im using redmi 9c but i directly used it.

  13. i am using Redmi 5. there is a issue in my Uphone sim. it cannot activate. it shows Could not send activation massage. find device cannot activate sim card 1

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