How to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi?

Some special settings on Xiaomi can be changed if one enables engineering mode. For example, the mode is used for sound control up to maximum loudness level, for both conversational and general. There is no need to have professional experience. On the other hand one has to be careful. Clumsy use might be a cause of a serious damage for the system. Remember this when you try to change parameters. Now we observe three ways of how to enable engineering mode on Xiaomi.

Engineering Mode on Xiaomi


Method 1. Use codes to enable engineering mode

To enable engineering mode one use a dialer to enter one the following codes

  1. *#*#6484#*#*
  2. *#*#3646633#*#*
  3. *#*#4636#*#*

Any of the codes might work. If the mode is still unable, try another one. If it works, you will see on the screen a menu of about 30 items (more or less it depends of the model). The menu might be in English or other language, it depends on the firmware.

Don’t be upset if after typing the code you see on the screen a picture like this one. It’s just an additional menu which has nothing to do with engineering mode. If this image had been displayed on your screen, the code has not worked. Better try another one.


Method 2. Enable Engineering Mode using Settings.


  1. Navigate “Settings”;


  2. Select “My device”;


  3. Go to “All specs”;


  4. Find “Kernel version”, tap on it 7 times regularly (on the 6th it appears the pop-up window with the message saying “You are 1 step away from entering CIT.”, so you can skip counting)

After the 7th tap, engineering mode will appear. It shows on the picture.

Method 3. Use MTK app Engineering mode.

Some Xiaomi versions require MTK app Engineering mode. Note that this way works only for devices based on chipset MediaTek. For example, it doesn’t work for Snapdragon chipsets.

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