How to disable “Do not cover the top of your phone” on Huawei?

In a competitive environment, smartphone manufacturers strive to provide the most comfortable conditions for operating their devices. To this end, the developers have set “Touch-disable mode” and installed a proximity sensor on the front panel. It would seem a very useful feature: the sensor responds to objects in the immediate vicinity of the screen and turns it off, preventing accidental clicks. For example, when the smartphone is in the user’s pocket, the risk of mistaken operations is minimized.

Touch-disable mode

However, not everyone liked this feature. Some users complain about spontaneous screen lock and are interested in turning it off. Huawei’s tech support for the question “How to hide the ‘Do not cover the top of your phone’ message?” answers as follows:

You can disable this function by following the next steps: go to “Settings” -> “Smart assistance” -> «More» and deactivate “Touch-disable mode”.


Nevertheless, it turned out that the switch responsible for “Touch-disable mode” disappeared from the settings in EMUI 8. Support forums are full of similar topics:

After update of Honor V10 the touch disable mode option disappeared from Smart assistant. I don’t want annoying touch disable warnings all the times. How i can disable this mode?


I’m using the P10 Plus and I’m not able to find the setting for Touch-disable mode anymore. (I’m pretty sure it was there on previous android version)


How to turn off “Touch-disable Mode” without Smart Assistance?


  1. Download “Settings Database Editor” from Google Play Store;


  2. Open the app and scroll down to the line “Touch Disable Mode”;


  3. Change the value from 1 to 0.
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18 thoughts on “How to disable “Do not cover the top of your phone” on Huawei?”

  1. After I did set "Touch Disable Mode" back to 1, my screen lock is still not working. Please help.

  2. I would like to disable the auto lock when the top part of the screen is covered. I want to use my Huawei p20 pro phone in my running arm band and even though the arm bad is transparent the phone thinks it's covered and I can't use the phone unless it take it out the arm band which defeats the purpose in having the arm band.i have tried the tips above but they haven't worked. Can anyone help??thanks

  3. this would be really helpful if I could actually get into my phone but the cracks at the top keep bringing up touch disable mode and I need to put in my pin for 'additional security'

  4. Thank you very much it worked my fone called Huawei it gave me annoying all times "Do not cover the top of the screen" from Touch disabled I see bottom I tried "you can also press the power and volume up buttons to disable mode" still no hope I saw it app from Google play store I download it and fix it then done I button power screen off and back on again it nothing show up thank god!

  5. Should I not still be able to adjust my phone's settings without having to download an app? that stupid "Do not cover the top of the screen" should not be such a headache do disable! My p20 pro does not have the "Touch-disable mode" in my "Smart assistant" so that means I HAVE to download an app?? ridiculous.

    • Yeah, but just download it anyways. …or call China and complain. The app works and takes 10 seconds to correct the issue.

  6. In my p30pro its change
    It is in "setting' – "accesbility features" – an then turn off "mistouch prevention"

  7. mistouch prevention enabled somehow by mistake ?
    I cannot enter my pin to open the phone. so can do absolutely nothing..?? Iswipe to exit..does not work..

    Honor 7 phone by the way

    tried holing volume button and power button together…now no sound if I ring the phone..only vibration..and volume up not working either..

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