How to verify if your Xiaomi phone is original?

Company Xiaomi has initially bet on producing high-quality, functional and best-looking at the same time cheap smartphones. That is what has helped company to win huge popularity not only in the house market in China, but also worldwide. As it is known, there are always the unfair producers ready to cling to another’s success and to grab the piece of a pie. They produce fakes, masking them on the original products, and earn a lot of money. It also affects Xiaomi devices: in the market there were not original smartphones, tablets and other equipment which could appear in your hands if you don’t buy from official distributors. Nevertheless, many people want to know what they use: the original or fake. And today we will tell you how to verify if your Xiaomi smartphone is original.

Option 1: by Serial Number or IMEI

Authentication of Xiaomi phones starts with a visit to the official website of the company. Click on the following link and enter the serial number of the device or its IMEI in the suggested field.

Verify Xiaomi

Note: to determine the IMEI, you need to find it on the device’s packaging box or enter the code *#06# on your smartphone, then enter the captcha and press Verify. The result will be the IMEI.

Option 2: by secret code

If the smartphone’s packaging box has an authentication label, you can see the secret code there. To do this, you need to erase the security layer from the label. Then this code is entered on the next page of the official website of the manufacturer.

The point here is not in the code, but in the figure you will see when you enter the code. It shows how many times this code has been entered into the site. If it is one – fine, your phone is original. If less than 10 – it is all right. The code could also be entered by the manufacturer. But when the number of entries is much higher, it can only mean one thing: a large number of users have purchased devices that have the same code on their lables. The owners have tried to check their gadgets for authenticity, just like you. Then, your Xiaomi smartphone is a fake.

Note: The authentication label is not an obligatory attribute of the original device’s packaging. Thus, its absence means nothing.

We would appreciate it if you could use any of the authentication options on your Xiaomi smartphone to tell us about this experience in the comments to this article. We are sure that many people will need your opinion and comments.

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