How to cancel a Google Play subscription?

Android OS allows its users to subscribe for applications and services using Google Pay. If you make a subscription via Play Store, Google saves your payment method and uses it automatically for recurring payments. Google renews your payments unless you unsubscribe. You can cancel an unwanted subscription via either Google Play app or Google Play official site. Pay attention: to uninstall an application does not mean that your subscription has been cancelled automatically. It still works. Even if you use the service no longer, you will be charged.

Every day lots of users suddenly realize that their cell phone or bank card are getting thinner. After studying their printouts people understand that money have been taken to pay subscriptions bought on Google Play Store directly or together with some applications. A user has being played, listened music or used other app and then completely forgot about it. But Google remembers and doesn’t forget to keep user’s payment profile busy. Money has being taken not for using service, app or utility itself but for a mere possibility of using it. However it is not difficult to find ways to avoid wasting one’s money.

How to cancel a Google Play subscription on Android device?

To unsubscribe on your Android, first, open Google Play Store. Tap a button at the top left corner of Google Play app, then select “Subscriptions” item in the side bar to view all available subscriptions.

You will see the list of all subscriptions with prices you have ever agreed to pay via Google Play. Once you have agreed to pay the receipt, the payment is provided automatically without warning and asking your agreement. To cancel the subscription, tap the button “Manage” next that one you want to stop.

Tap “Cancel Subscription” to confirm a cancellation. You will get a message about having access to your subscription until its expired. As soon as your prepaid time is over, the subscription is stopped, and you will be charged no longer.

If you see your subscription neither in Google Play nor in your account, make sure you login the same account you initially subscribed the app in question. The subscriptions in Google Play are linked to your Google profile. Remember that when you are about to get rid of extra charges.

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