How to remove ImeMess from Android devices?

It is not rare for Android users to find out mistrustful apps. They have not been installed manually and their functions in the system are unknown. It is advisable to remove them if it is possible. In this paper we discuss how to remove ImeMess from Android devices.


About ImeMess

ImeMess is a virus software kind of adds, which collects and sends users data to developer. Also the utility crashes the integrity of OS. It tracks and intercepts some processes (calls, Internet surfing, transfer private data). This utility is most widely spread among Chinese gadget imitations where it is built-in. Also an infected software might be a virus carrier.

How to remove the utility?

It is not easy to remove the utility because it is installed again via links which built-in OS. We provide a reliable method that shows how to remove ImeMess completely.

Open “Settings” – “All applications”. Try to select ImeMess in the list, clear its data, and stop it.

Method 1
If to stop manually did not help, check your device for viruses using built-in antivirus software or other soft like Dr. Web Light.

  1. Run the app;


  2. Select Scanner;


  3. Tap Full Scan;


  4. When it stops with virus detected, tap the lightning icon in the bottom to remove the threat.

Method 2
Try to remove a virus with a file manager app like Total Commander.

Method 3
If you are a skilled Android user, try Titanium Backup app to freeze the virus. Attention: one must have root access to perform this step.

Method 4
If ImeMess is installed again, use Autostart Pro utility to track and freeze apps while your device starting, working, and stopping.



To get rid of ImeMess virus one have to clear the app data and stop all applications which have been activated via links, check your device with an antivirus, use a file manager or an utility to freeze apps running.

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