How to fix “GPS signal not found” error in Pokémon GO?

It is not uncommon for new applications to contain bugs. Software developers often release beta-version and prompt users to test it. This strategy helps to discover and remove bugs before its official release. Pokémon GO is a different case. As far as the game had been launched for iOS and Android, it has grown at a pace never before seen in the history of mobile games. During the first hours the app held the record for number of downloads from Apple Store and Google Play. The situation has not changed to this day. It is surging in popularity on both platforms.

It is a small wonder that a million downloads of a poor tested app leads to reveal a lot of bugs. One of the most common is “GPS signal not found” error. This message implies your device fails to detect location in Pokémon GO. Surely, the heard of this game is to detect user’s location. That is why it is crucial to get GPS access. Let think what we can do if one of us faces this problem.

Currently there are several methods for fixing “GPS signal not found” error:

  1. Check if GPS tracker is enabled
  2. Change your location to improve GPS signal
  3. Turn off “Mock location” option

Method 1.
Many Android smart phones come with already activated power saving mode. Therefore first of all power hungry GPS function should be turned off to save a battery live. Indeed, while playing in Pokémon GO a user gets a message “GPS signal not found”, his priority is to turn on GPS option and set it properly. To do so, a user should follow the steps:

  1. Tap on your phone’s Settings icon or access Settings through Quick Settings.


  2. Scroll down to Privacy and safety. Tap on it. Tap on Location.


  3. Make sure Location toggle is in the on position.


  4. Tap on Locating method. This may also be called Location mode.
  5. Tap GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks. This may also be called High accuracy which activates all modes simultaneously.

As a result Pokémon GO will be able to detect your exact geo-localization. It uses GPS satellites, your closest mobile network tower, your local Wi-Fi. If your device uses the only service such as Wi-Fi or mobile network, it is less likely that your app can track the exact position of your character relative to Pokémon GO.

Method 2. Improve GPS signal
Suppose that you followed instruction above and turned your GPS tracker on properly. What to do if “GPS signal not found” is still shown on your screen and consequently you cannot be fully involved in? It is well known that there are zones of excellent GPS signal. It is also known that obstructions around you such as buildings, metallic constructions, etc, could prevent you from getting strong GPS signal. All you have to do here is to help satellites to track your Android GPS. In doing so, you should take a step outside and hold your phone steady for around a minute (maybe less). That position allows the GPS satellites to lock onto your phone and get things back to normal.

Method 3. Turn off “Mock location”
If you never take a look at Developer Option you hardly know that Android has a function which allows hiding (deliberately distort) user’s geo-localization. This function launch might be a reason of the “GPS signal not found” error in Pokémon GO. To disable it you navigate:

  1. “Settings” -> “About phone” -> “Build number”
  2. Tap on “Build number” seven times in a row and wait for a message saying that you have got developer’s facilities.


  3. Go back. That is, close this option and now navigate Developer Option.


  4. Find “Allow mock location”, then uncheck it.


Nothing helps? Well, there is nothing left but to go through all steps again and check Android settings:

  • Restart your device
  • Make sure that the latest Pokémon GO version has been installed
  • If battery save mode is turned on, do turn it off
  • Use 3G/4G mobile network
  • Turn on “Airplane mode” and turn it off after a couple of seconds.

And finally. Is it possible to play Pokémon GO if your device comes without GPS mode? The answer is yes. You can play the game using Wi-Fi mode which means you need a strong Wi-Fi signal. It is not always convenient. To enjoy playing one clearly has to be within areas with good Wi-Fi coverage. That is kind of limitation. So, go and find restaurants, cafes, and other spots with fast internet and good Wi-Fi coverage. There you can enjoy your Pokémon GO. Good luck!

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