“This audio format (AC3) is not supported” in MX Player

Many Android users complain about “MX Player audio format not supported” popping up on their screens after they have updated the MX player to the latest version. Due to this problem one can’t hear sound while executing any audio or video file. Imagine that only a week ago your player worked well and now all you can see is “This audio format (AC3) is not supported” in your screen. We have learnt that the problem arises because of some license issues. Indeed the official MX player has removed free AC3 codec. Unfortunately it is impossible to download and install it even if one is ready to pay. There is no a separate fee-based version. However there is a solution.

Below is the instruction to fix the AC3 format not supported error:

  1. Define which codec is compatible with your device. In doing so, go to MX Player, tap on “Option” (that is, check tree points at the right upper corner of your screen). Then proceed to “Settings”.


  2. Select “Decoder”.


  3. Scroll down the menu options. The last one should be called “Custom codec”. Open it and save the codec you need. It is always better to write codec’s name required for your device (for example, ARMv7 NEON).


  4. Now, go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/?id=971#downloads to find the required codec in that list. You should check it then click «Direct Download». You have just downloaded it as Zip archive. Save Zip file in any folder you could choose, you don’t need to unzip it.
  5. Next, run MX Player. If the player reads the downloaded file (which is the most common pattern), you will see the notification on your screen of whether you want to use the zip file as your custom codec. Submit it by tapping “OK”.


  6. You need to restart the player. Here the app will ask you for restart, and you will submit it again by tapping “OK”. After the completion of all actions video files should be run properly (with the sound).


  7. Sometimes your player does not detect the file containing Zip archive. You are to help MX Player to indentify it. In doing so, go through the sequence “Options”-“Settings”-“Decoder”-“Custom codec” (you should open the last one).


  8. It is required a codec path. If the archive has been downloaded in your Android automatically, it is in «Downloads» folder. If you have downloaded it manually from your PC and then copied it to your Smartphone or tablet, you definitely know where to find it. To specify the path to the Zip archive it is enough to tap on it.
  9. You must restart your player. There should be no sound problem afterwards.

Warning! If you fail to fix the problem, you can always restore original settings of MX Player. In doing so, tap on “Use default codec”.

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  1. My problem is that mx player does not work properly. It takes too much time to search the files or folders .It also does not search all the files of my file manager. Why ?What is the solution of my problems?Please tell me immediate.

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