How to fix “Error code 404” in Google Play Store

February brought an unpleasant surprise for Android users. In the beginning of the month many users faced a problem when they tried to download an app from Google Play Store. Instead of an anticipated routine process the error message “The app can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting (Error code: 404)” appeared in their screens. Following this instruction and making another try ended with no result.

The Android users community actually failed to fix the issue to remove the error by themselves. Neither traditional ways (clear cache and data, return to the previous Google Play version or remove/add a Google account) nor the radical method, that is, to reset an Android device to the factory settings worked. The error 404 while downloading Google Play apps kept popping up. Indeed, this problem is nothing to do with smartphones or tablets. The issue is caused by server working. Precisely, it is caused by the Store software. A server can’t find a wanted app in the Google Play and its attempt to download it from the Store comes to the end with the error. In fact, Error code 404 is a standard code of HTTP reply if a client is able to make a connection to a server and the server in question fails to find required data.

Tech support at Google Play Help Forum informed that they were aware of the issue and the developers were working to solve it. Our recommendation to anyone who faced the error 404 is to wait a little. The effect of the widespread error, which affect a majority of Android users, raises hopes that the problem will be fixed in no time. As a temporary suggestion we recommend to install an alternative store (Amazon Appstore, GetJar, SlideMe, Aptoide, OperaMobileStore, Yandex.Store) and use it to download wanted stuff.

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  1. Cant fix error 404 while loading google play games .I\’ve tried clearing app cache & data . But its worthless.. How can we fix it ??? HELP ME PLEASE

  2. Same here I have a new phone so I try to load up my email but when I install Google Play it gives me 404 error and because of this I cannot load up any of my progress on any games. Please help. I have created a another email for now this is unfair and unacceptable

  3. Hi I am trying to add my email but it's says error 404. Tried to fix it through Google play Store but it still says error 404

  4. I Can't fix error 404. While loading google play games it show Yikes, it looks like something went wrong. Error code:404. I've tried clearing app cache & data . But its worthless.. How can we fix it ??? Help Me Please..

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