Error [OR-DVASA2-02]: “Your account isn’t eligible for mobile payment service. Call your mobile operator”

Recently many Android users have complained for when trying to buy any app in Google Play Store or to make an in-app purchase using direct carrier billing (DCB) their smartphones had shown the error massage: “Your account isn’t eligible for mobile payment service. Call your mobile operator. [OR-DVASA2-02]“. Today we decided to work out possible causes of this error and to suggest a couple of ways to fix it.

There are several examples:


1) I am trying to use direct billing to my mobile carrier. I used to be able to charge to my mobile carrier, but nowadays I am unable to due to the error code [OR-DVASA2-02].
2) When I try to make a buy in Google Play Store using my mobile balance I get this message: “Your account isn’t eligible for mobile payment service. [OR-DVASA2-02]”.
3) I can’t buy apps and games using service provider billing, because it failed to verify my account. And it keep showing [OR-DVASA2-03] code.
4) I want to purchase something in my game app through DCB but I couldn’t. Everytime I try, it says “Can’t verify your account. Try again later. [OR-DVASA2-03].

There are a lot of topics covered this subject in Google Play Help Forum. However there is no general point of view of how to solve the problem. Nevertheless united efforts made possible to find an algorithm to tackle the error. Now we present it here in case some of our readers has experienced this issue. We also hope that this information will help.


Error codes [OR-DVASA2-02] (03). How to fix them?


  1. So, when trying to make a purchase on Google Play using your mobile account and seeing the message “Your account isn’t eligible for mobile payment service. Call your mobile operator. [OR-DVASA2-02]” or “Can’t verify your account. Try again later. [OR-DVASA2-03]”, first, you should check whether you are able to buy content on Google Play using other payment services;
  2. If it is so, and you can make purchases using other payment methods but not with DCB, it is worth to remove and then to re-add DCB as a way to make your payments.


To remove DCB one should:


  1. Sing in your account on;
  2. Tap “Payment methods” in the bar;
  3. Tap “Remove” in the phone number field.

After doing so you can re-add direct carrier billing as a payment method to your Google payments profile. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Confirm connection to the required network;
  2. Open the Google Play Store app;
  3. Select a wanted app or digital content item;
  4. Tap the price;
  5. Tap the Down arrow button;
  6. Tap “Payment options”;
  7. Tap “Enable carrier billing”;
  8. Check the information about your account and tap “Save”;
  9. Accept “Terms of Services” and terminate your purchase routinely to finish re-adding DCB.

After completing all steps your payment service should be fine, and the errors OR-DVASA2-02 or OR-DVASA2-03 will be gone.

It is a curious question. What if one tries to employ a classical method to fix the OR-DVASA2-02 (03) error. The method which has often worked to solve Google Play issues. That is Clear Cache and Data, Remove and Re-add the Google account. In trying so, first, you’d better check your Google and your mail accounts access. If it is so, you can try to make the following steps:

  1. Force stop Google Play, then clear data (Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Force Stop, then Clear Data);


  2. Clear Cache for Google Play Services (Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services -> Clear Cache -> OK);


  3. Clear Data for Google Play Services(Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services -> Clear Data -> OK).


Remove your Google account:


  1. Open your device settings;
  2. Tap “Google” in “Accounts” item, then tap the account you want to remove;


  3. Tap “Remove account”.


Add your Google account:


  1. Open your device “Settings”;
  2. Tap “Accounts” item, then “Add account”, then “Google”;


  3. Follow the instructions to add your account.

If you can’t get access to your Google account, try to write to Google Play Help Forum. It is likely you will find a solution for your problem there. If someone have solved his problem, please, write in the comments. Just failed? Write as well. We will search together.

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  1. I'll try all the options but can't work always same like this (Error [OR-DVASA2-02]: "Your account isn't eligible for mobile payment service. Call your mobile operator)

  2. not working at all mobile operator said contect to google. google giveing me these kind of useless soulutions nothing worked.

  3. Same error or-DVASA2-03 is there when I try to pay via jazz billing.
    I contact my call center of sim services they advice me to take screenshot of error and mail to Google but in vain because screenshot of this error can't be taken due to security issue.
    Kindly help me how I can enable jazzbilling .

    And what is email address of Google?

  4. error or-dvasa2-04 how can i fix that errors help me please

    Even i changed mail restore my cell phone clear data all from plastore but still showing that error or-dvasa2-04

  5. Why they make a code error [OR-DVASA2-02/03] and they cannot give us the exact solution for it. So sad to think that… it's look like hunting flies in the dark place.

  6. I try all but still not working. I think the service network provider is the problem, because i try other network and its easily work very fast. But in SMART COMMUNICATION BILLINGS its not working. I already call there customer service and they advice mo to wait 24hrs and keep on trying to apply but nothing happen. ??Sad im so disappointed!

  7. Don't call google… Call your carrier, you may have to show up in person. Its your carrier they are billing. Your carrier has to verify you.

    You're welcome!

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