What is “KLO Bugreport” on Xiaomi devices?

Many Android users are concerned about unknown processes run automatically and consume a lot of smartphone resources. Apart from direct security risk they might affect the system speed and uninterrupted phone operating. Let see what is this KLO Bugreport app and how to fix the most common issues connected with it.

KLO Bugreport is a standard app developed by Xiaomi. This app registers system failures and Android applications errors. The utility sends bugs to the company server. There bugs are analyzed like to identify the causes of issues, their features, after-effects and so on. All above is been doing to improve upgrades services and to fix known bugs in future software releases. The KLO Bugreport app is not a system application and its removal will not affect your device efficiency.


How to fix “KLO Bugreport has stopped” issue?

KLO Bugreport application error arises when the device cannot connect to the server. To fix the issue you can:

  1. Confirm Internet connection;
  2. Restart your device.

If, after all above actions, the error still bothers you, you need to clear app’s data. In doing so:

  1. Go to Go to “Settings” -> “Applications” ->”Downloaded”;


  2. Find “KLO Bugreport” in the list and tap on it;


  3. Select “Storage” and when the window appears select “Clear Data”.

Now you know what KLO Bugreport is and how to fix the problems related to this application. If you have any notes we will be happy to see them in the Comments!

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  1. Hi ..KLO blugrport problem regular and those problem start after updating the MIUI …But today i am uninstall the KLO bugrepor app but problem not resolved… Request u to urgently resolved

  2. KLO bug report was detroying my battery, taking all cpus to almost 100%
    i desinstall it the app and the phone continues to work like before

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