What is “MBN Test” app on Android devices?

If you open your Android phone applications menu in section “Downloaded” you will find many apps you have never heard of. Most of them are necessary for system’s steady-state. Some devices like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc. contain a MBN Test app. It is remarkable how little known about this test. Unlike most of the apps the information about this one is close to zero. What is this app and how to delete it?

According to information at forums this app is related to the dual sim functionality and 4G (LTE) wireless communications standard. Therefore it is inadvisable to delete it. So, it is not recommended to hibernate the app using Titanium Backup app. Connection issues might be invoked.

Nevertheless some users encountered that they hibernated MBN Test, and no problems with operating the Android systems were identified. However we are not sure that this works safely. That is why we do recommend to conserve the Test.

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  1. What is this app used for (Truthfully). All functions that it is capable of doing. States "Test"! Tests are used to acquire data. What type of data is being extracted for a report? Privacy issues are at question now!

  2. Cops use it to do wonderful unconstitutional things that you are too fragile to be told about.

    It is used for lawful intercept

  3. If you want your privacy back go and buy the Purism 5 phone. Your Android phone is owned by google and so are you!

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