Camera is currently recording audio. android.googlequicksearchbox will not be able to record right now

Huawei smartphone users sometimes face “Camera is currently recording audio. will not be able to record right now” error message whenever they try to open a phone camera. Tap “OK” and the message disappears. However it will pop up again a few seconds later. Surely one can use his camera but still the fixed message is rather annoying. Besides that prevents to see what one takes a picture of.

Google says that Quicksearchbox refers to a search box or Google Now. However, if there is no a search box widget on phone’s screen and the owner has never used Google Now, it is rather difficult to understand how QuickSearchBox.apk links with smartphone running. And it is almost impossible to catch the connection between the camera and that app.

This error is rather rare. Nevertheless we have found a few ways to fix it searching forums thoroughly. The solutions were proposed by the users who faced and resolved successfully this issue. So, it you persistently see “Camera is currently recording audio. will not be able to record right now” message in the screen of your phone, try these methods. At least they were useful for someone. Anyway, it is worth trying them first and watching the result rather than going back to factory settings.

Method 1. Cache wiping.

It is pretty often situation when smartphones are used with an overcrowded cache. Deleting old temporary system files helps to fix many issues.

Huawei P9 models, in particular, employ Wipe Cache Partition function (wiping that cache where no longer needed system files are stored). To get to this option one should hold simultaneously the buttons “Power” and “Volume up” within about 15 seconds while the phone is completely switched off. When menu is open, using Volume down button, scroll the page down to Wipe Cache Partition. Select the entry by pressing the power button. You have executed wiping cache function. It takes about 1-2 seconds. The Recovery menu appears again. Confirm “Reboot System now” by pressing the Power button. You are done!

If the error persists popping up, check whether it goes away after rebooting your phone in Safe Mode. If it does, something you have recently installed is interfering. It is possible that you will have to “catch the culprit” by uninstalling the apps one by one until the problem goes away.

Method 2. Turn off voice activity “ОК Google”

While searching the solution of this issue we have found out an interesting fact. “OK Google from any screen” setting, which is a possibility to access Google from any screen just by saying “OK Google”, means the microphone is permanently on. Apparently it causes “Camera is currently recording audio. will not be able to record right now” error as well as many other apps issues.

Navigate “Settings” -> ”Google” -> ”Search” (Select “Voice control”) -> ”Ok Google detection ”. Turn off the feature which provides you with Google access from any screen.

Method 3. Turn off quick calling feature.

Quick calling disable might help to solve the problem. In doing so, you should navigate “Settings” -> ”Voice control” -> ”Quick calling” -> Disable this option.

The Huawei P9 user proposed this method reported that this error appeared after building Android 4.0.1. OS up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. He suggested that quick calling and “OK Google” hold the microphone ready, and turning the third function on is simply too much. Therefore turning off one of the first two might fix the error.

Method 4. Deny a Google app access to the microphone.

Unfortunately Method 3 doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes the error comes back and users have to turn down “OK Google” feature. If you are not too attach to “OK Google” and do not use quick calling frequently, the easiest way to fix the error is to deny completely Google app access to the microphone (“Settings” -> ” Applications” -> ”Permissions” -> turn off Google apps access to the microphone using slider).

If you know other ways to fix “Camera is currently recording audio. will not be able to record right now” error, please share your experience with us in Comments below.

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37 thoughts on “Camera is currently recording audio. android.googlequicksearchbox will not be able to record right now”

  1. Hello I found an easy fix to this problem. Go to where you would turn off the ok Google setting and click delete model. This is if you\’re having the issue of the Ok Google setting turning back on after you\’ve turned it off. Once you\’ve deleted the model it will let you turn it off and it won\’t come back on. Hope I helped.

  2. In my case the fix was: Uninstall google Allo.
    I presume it\’s because of the built in google assistant.
    Google now and OK google work fine.

  3. I had to turn of ok Google voice detection from all apps. It only detects ok google activation withing the google now or google maps. sad because i really enjoyed using the voice detection while driving.

  4. Not sure if anyone else made this suggestion as I do not have time to read everyone\’s responses. The fixes did not work for me so I did the most logical thing for me. I turned off Google access to the camera. On my Honor 5X it\’s Settings-Apps-Google-Permissions and just toggle off the Camera permission.

    • Aaron you\’re a legend. This problem rage has been with me for a year now. Every vid I try to take has had that #$$%#%^#$% message dominating the screen. I\’ve looked up fixes for that whole time. No fix has worked. Until you. heart_eyes Your fix worked. You have no idea how happy I am that you posted. smiley

  5. Outstanding, Aaron — disabling google access to camera, instead of microphone, is a HUGE discovery, and works! This way, \”OK google\”, google voice recognition, and google maps can all still use the mic! Method 4 should be updated to this fix.

  6. Method two seems to have worked for me. On my Huawei 5x the setting is under \”voice typing\”. Thanks for the screen shot, it let me find it even with a slightly changed path. Thanks all!

  7. Method 2 worked perfectly on my Huawei P9 – thank you, it was beginning to do my head in! Every time I tried to Shazam some music or use the video camera the message kept appearing.

  8. I have a problem of messenger is currently recording When I make video call in messenger in Viber. Please help me to disable it.

  9. Method 4 was absolutely the one i was looking for! although it made made upset that i am no longer able to call my nice google assistant but the error message really got on my nerve! i kept pushing its button all the time i was talking on my skype, what's app , recording video and … thanks god the whole is over!
    Merci beaucoup

  10. Hi guys
    Thank you for your posts ,I have used I think 1-2 and a suggestion for camera off ,did them all (aldo I do use voice ok Google a lot ) all gone yesterday ,thank you .Switched back voice and camera today all is perfect again ,so it looks like it reboot itself .Thank you for your post .

  11. I kept getting the "….. Is recording audio" message on several of my apps. I disabled ok Google and fixed it. Thank you!

  12. Wow , excellent , method 4 worked for me, thank you so much , it bothered me more than a year , ???????

  13. Thanks for this tip. I used method 2 and it worked. Before that I even cannot use my camera video features. Thanks a lot. ??

  14. I also suffering from this issue for long time, it was so annoying every time when you take pictures or video. I tried Method 2 and it works, thank you so much for sharing.

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