How to fix “Waiting for Wi-Fi” error in Google Play Store?

Recently many Android users have unexpectedly experienced a funny sort of situation. When trying to download an app from Google Play Store a usual image onscreen displays “Downloading” with a slider showing the downloading process. At the same time the message “Waiting for Wi-Fi” appears on the right. Actually, there is no downloads. The waiting can last forever. A peculiar point is that the issue occurs with properly working Wi-Fi, and when you get internet access via SIM card mobile network. Moreover the issue depends neither a firmware version nor a Xiaomi model. Obviously, the internet connection is not the cause of this error. Experts found out that the “culprit” is Google Play Store 7.6. However there are several ways to fix this issue. We are ready to share them with you.

Method 1. Replace Google Play Store file.


  1. Turn off internet, clear data, delete current Google Play Store version updates via Applications menu;


  2. Download Google Play Store 7.3.07 version;
  3. Navigate system/priv-app/Phonesky (you will need root access);


  4. Copy the downloaded Google Play Store file into Phonesky folder with replacement;


  5. Set up the roots as indicated in the picture;


  6. Reboot your phone.

Hopefully, it will work and you get rid of this error.

Method 2. Firmware Google Play Store via Recovery.

To employ this method you will need an unblocked loader and a recovery menu TWPR. The following steps will help you to fix the issue.

  1. Download .zip file Google Play Store (Android 5.0+) into device memory;


  2. Reboot your phone into Recovery mode;


  3. Tap “Install” and choose the .zip file you have just downloaded.

After performing all these steps, the error should be gone.

Method 3. Turn off a download accelerator.


  1. Tap “Downloads”. You will see three points in the right top corner;


  2. Tap the points;


  3. You should disable xunlei download engine going through the menu. To do so, tap “Settings”, then “Xunlei download engine”, choose “Unlimited”, turn off all recommended sources.

The Google Store will work just fine. The error “Waiting for Wi-Fi” won’t bother you again.

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  1. You can also try and stop all the updates(after a factory reset) and then just glide upwards(down the list). This works one app at a time, but it requires NO ADDITIONAL DOWNLOAD. It worked on my KM live 5+

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