Error [OR-DDUH-01]: “Your Google account isn’t authorized to use Google Payments”

Probably you have already known that a lot of universities in the US provide Google accounts to their employees and the university students. It is pretty convenient. This practice promises some benefits. The most important is having .edu mail is guaranteed to get educational and organizational process information in time. However there will always be some limitations. In particular, when a user tries to get an application or a game from Google Play Store he faces the error message: “Your Google account isn’t authorized to use Google Payments. Please contact your organization’s Google Apps administrator. [OR-DDUH-01]”.

This error is similar to that one DF-CHARTA-01, which we did discuss about 1.5 years ago. Error DF-CHARTA-01 arises when browsing Google Play Store as a whole. This issue is about to unable to make a payment. The problem is that the universities in question block certain payment services.

Below the answer received from Google Tech Support service:

Please, make sure that if you have already had .edu email address affiliated with the university, you can not activate Google payment services and make purchases in Google Play Store in case a university administrator had blocked Google payment services. The error message you encounter indicates that your account has limitations. Our recommendation is to contact your domain administrator to check which Google payment services are available to be used.

Thus, we have two ways to fix the issue:

Method 1. Switch your university account to your private account.

To get rid of the error [OR-DDUH-01] one can add a new Google account to the list in his Android smartphone. Then go to Google Play menu and turn on an account which be used for Google Play services:

  1. Open Google Play;


  2. Tap the menu icon;


  3. You will see the name and the address of the email using as a current account;


  4. Scroll down to the wanted account;


  5. Select the account which you want to affiliate with Google Play payment services.


Method 2. (This method works if you have Administrator rights.) Activate Google Payments.


  1. Open page;


  2. Go to “Applications” -> “Google Additional Services”;
  3. Find “Google Payments” and activate it.
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  1. Im not an "administrator" and i have my one email already hooked up to my
    play store. What do i do in that case?

  2. i'm from the uk and this happened to me, i found out that it was my work email that was preventing me making purchases on google play so i simply deleted my gmail work acount from my phone.
    Or you could speak to the admin at work in charge of work emails

  3. I think what you need is to establish as a "Backup account" the account you want to use to pay

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