How to fix “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error?

The error “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” is a common issue. It can occur anytime with any Android device. It is caused mainly because of two applications: the Download Manager and the Media Storage.

Before we conclude that this cannot be solved without the support of a technician, we would suggest you give a try to the following simple methods as it has worked for many.

Method 1: Clear Cache and Data

  1. Go to Settings, Applications, All. Scroll down and find Google Services Framework and clear the cache and data for this one.


  2. After doing that, scroll down and find Google Play. Tap on it and clear Cache Data for this one.


  3. Now press Back button and choose Google Services Framework from All Apps, Force stop, Clear cache, OK.


  4. Open Google Play from and when given an error, click OK.
  5. Turn off your device by holding Power button for a couple of seconds and clicking on Shut down/ Reboot.
  6. Turn the device back on and go back to Apps and turn the Google Services Framework back on.

Method 2: Check Google Sync and Media Storage Settings

  1. Stop the Google Synchronization. You can do this by going into Settings, Accounts and Personal, Google Sync, Uncheck all of the checkboxes.


  2. Disable and clear all of the Media Storage Data. To do this go to Settings, Apps, All Apps, find the Media Storage, Clear data, Disable.


  3. Disable and clear the Download Manager data using the same method as above.


  4. After doing this, reboot your device.
  5. The problem should be solved.

To ensure that your Android device does the same job as before, turn on Download Manager, Media Storage, restore Google Sync. If the problem is not fixed, contact the support service.

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