Steps to fix “ has stopped” on Android devices

Some users of Android devices have encountered a queer sort of problem. The device displays the following message: “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” The most peculiar is that the error appears in installing neither applications nor updates but by itself.

Fixing the problem can be one of three ways, the simplest of which is the first one.
This method does not employ Apps Cache Clearing but starts those programs that have been previously disabled. To do so follow the steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”, “Applications”, and select “Disabled.”


  2. Check all of the programs that are disabled.


  3. Restart the device.

Unfortunately, this method does not always work.

The second method is fairly standard. It is often used to eliminate all kinds of errors. It is cache clearing.

  1. Go to the section “Applications”, select “all”, then look for the line «Google Play Store».


  2. Select the “Clear Cache” and “Clear data”.


  3. Reboot the device.

Finally, the third method works in 99% of cases. If you use it the data from your smartphone will be lost, so it is good to be prepared. Take the following steps:

  1. Copy all information saved in your smartphone (video, photos, music, etc.) to another device. It would be better to use your home computer. You should synchronize Contacts and wanted Applications.
  2. Go to “Settings”, find “Backup and Reset”, then “Restore Factory Settings”. Click “Reset”.


  3. After a short wait (5 to 15 minutes) a smartphone will return to the factory settings.


  4. You can move the secured in your computer information back to your device. Install your Applications again, go to your Google account. The error should vanish.
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  1. I have the same problem going on, but this started occurring right after I factory restarted my phone. I almost factory restarted it for more than 6 times and yet it is not helping me at all. Please help me with this situation!

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