“Error retrieving information from server RH-01” in Google Play Store

Many Android Users report that they see the error code “Error retrieving information from server RH-01” on their screens when they try to install or update apps from Google Play Store. In fact RH-01 mostly affects custom ROMs. There is an easy way to fix this problem. However before doing so let try to understand its cause. Although the error says that there is a problem retrieving information from Server RH-01 but the main cause of this problem is not related to the server. The problem is related to an Android device. It prevents users from updating or downloading any apps from the Play Store.


Solution 1 – Set Correct Date and Time

Most of the time Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 in Google Play Store is caused due to incorrect date and time set in your android phone. In short, it might be due to non agreement date and expired license. This problem is ease solved. Follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings-Date and Time.


  2. Now, check if date and time is correct or not. If not, then turn OFF the Automatic Date and Time feature and set the correct date and time.


  3. Check if you have set the correct Time Zone too. If not, switch to Manual Mode and look for the time zone of your region.


  4. Save your changing.

Most probably, this solution would fix your problem. If not, then follow the below solutions.

Solution 2 – Restart your Android Device

Most of the time, many android errors get fixed by a simple restart. So, try restarting your phone and see if it helps. If not, then follow the below solution.

Solution 3 – Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Store

Follow the below steps to clear Cache and Data of Google Play Store to Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 in Google Play Store:

  1. Go to Settings.


  2. Click on Application Manager.
  3. Now, scroll right further to open All tab.


  4. Now, scroll down and look for Google Play Store app. Click on it.


  5. Here, you will see three buttons – 1. Force Stop, 2. Clear Cache, and 3. Clear Data. Click on them in the given sequence.


  6. Now, go back to All Apps list and follow the same steps for Google Service Framework and Download Manager app.

If you are still facing this error, then follow below solution.

Solution 4 – Re-add your Google Account

If any of the above methods did not work for you, then you can use this last solution to Fix Error Retrieving Information from Server RH-01 in Google Play Store. The last solution involves re-adding your Google Account. Follow the below steps for the same:

  1. Go to Settings.


  2. Click on Accounts option.


  3. Now, click on Google option.


  4. Now, you will see your Google Account. Remove it.


  5. Now, restart your android device and re-add your Google Account.

It is all we can help you by now. We hope that “Error retrieving information from server RH-01” in Google Play Store will disturb you no longer. If you have found your own way to manage this problem you are very welcome to share it with us! We will be very grateful to you!

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87 thoughts on ““Error retrieving information from server RH-01” in Google Play Store”

  1. I already tried this multiple times but their are still an error in google play store. Please suggest other solution to fix this error. I almost lost my patient on this..

  2. I had to go to settings—-apps—-google play services-,clear data and catche. Also did step 3.

    Google Play services and google play store are two separate apps!

  3. Tried a lot but I cant get a help from any of the above method plz help its intex aqua y2 ultra

    Is it because of Google account got banned

  4. I have my samsung GT-S5630 I cant access my play store .so what should I do..a msg appear \”Error retrieving information from server RH-01\” in Google Play Store

  5. please help me !! there are 2 times to try this steps to how open may google playstore in my Android phone on Samsung S3 ?

  6. I have my samsung GT-S7582 I cant access my play store .so what should I do..a msg appear \”Error retrieving information from server RH-01\” in Google Play Store plz…………

  7. Huawei Y330 also i got this error, tried all that u mentioned above none work for me. I\’ll have to reinstall my ROM completely

  8. Not working on my samsung s2 …. it once worked. I think those clowns that developed the playstore software need to get their act together. They also need to allow users to re-install apps – rather than have some stupid message that only says \’installed\’, but no feature or button to re-install.

  9. Back again. I spent hours and hours trying all the different methods – about 6 times each, including forcing stop, clearing caches etc for playstore, google services framework, and download manager. As well as restarting phone, and ensuring that google services was running in the background. Also ensuring that google services framework and playstore apps were up to date. Also clearing dalvik cache. I carried out google syncing, and removing google account (and then adding back on); and updating google wallet credit card info, and whatever else that had been suggested on the internet forums – EXCEPT for factory reset.

    The only solution that worked is factory reset.

    The very interesting thing is – none of the other methods solved the issue. All web browsers and all other apps (sms, whatsapp, viber, wifi, … etc etc) worked perfectly, while the ONLY issue was this crazy playstore server error. I reckon that google software writers need to get on this case, and provide a fix or patch so that users don\’t have to waste their time with \’factory reset\’.

    Normally, I don\’t mind factory reset – provided software like Samsung Kies (or equivalent) is able to do a full backup (clone) of the system —- this includes full operating system backup, settings, and apps – so that a user should be able to conveniently (and quickly) recover from software glitches. So, basically – provide software that allows full cloning (and full restoring).

  10. I had this error on MEmu, i tried all of this and it didn\’t work. I stumbled around the ROM\’s actual settings and discovered that it was set to emulate an iphone. I changed it to samsung, and boom. worked.

    • thanks Unholy7, you finally fixed my MEmu. Question now is WHY IS A ANDROID EMULATOR set to EMULATE an IPHONE? I find this really stupid. Its an Android Emulator. An iphone shouldn\’t even be in the options!

      • Spoke too soon.. still not working for me even if I change the Device to Samsung models.. I\’m still getting RH-01 in Google Play… I thought MEmu was a well known emulator? I never had any issues with Blue Stacks.

  11. Why woudnt respective software developers come up with the easiest way to get around this glitch for their market base?
    Its heart breaking and painful when you waste time and energy committing oneself to all instructions but have to find a technician in the end.

  12. I updated my MIUI version and this error appeared. All the clear caches/data, force stop not working for me. I solved my problem by download a google installer then google service framework because I found out my google service framework was missing. Hope this can help some of you.

  13. Thanks thanks thanks!! Oppo f1s here..I just update my system, force stop google playstore, clear my data and boom! I got my playstore back..thanks for the tips..it works!!

  14. Date and time…not worked. A puny tiny restart…not worked. Cache deletion…not worked. Email readding…too afraid to forget my password. Play Store…NEEDS TO BE DESTROYED!!! Fortunately I have a default Samsung Galaxy Apps store in my Samsung J1 (2016)…hope I can find COC…


  15. I hope this will help. Try to uninstall google play services by using purify app. Download apkpure app in browser and install google play services.

  16. Hey guys I might have found a fix for the Google Play Store with this error.

    After you have done everything else, uninstalling updated versions of apps using the Settings > Apps on your Android phone so that Google apps will sync with your account, and also removing your account \”older Android 4.4 versions can do this by going into Accounts > Google > \”Click your account and look for the syncing apps with a check box next to them\” > click the phone\’s actual button on the bottom right if you have an older phone and remove account.

    If you have done this from other websites and videos even with Google Play Services and all other ways of clearing cache, clearing data, and uninstalling updated versions with forcing stop and restarting the phone, got all the way to the Google Play Store having this error and only this error up to this point where it won\’t let you passed it.. here\’s what I did, this might work for other new phones as well.

    Keep in mind.. I had this error and other apps not working or updating as well for a couple years now on this phone, but after the solutions below.. it works again with the Google Play Store. I did hours upon hours from last night to early this morning to find solutions, went away from my phone and back to it to try more things, and looking from more sites and youtube videos.

    Try these steps. –

    I\’ve had another app installed for a long time, even before this error on the phone.
    Find and download an app called Aptoide and then install and open it.

    Do a search for Google Play Services within the Aptoide app\’s search bar.
    Much like the Google Play Store, Aptoide will have apps to download.
    Once you see a much newer version such as 11.0.45, click on it and download only this.
    Once it downloads, be sure to be there when it finishes or you might have to download it again, it should have the package downloaded the second time if you miss the installer.
    Ok once done downloading, install the app, it should say \”app installed\”.
    This should now allow you to see lots of new updates for your apps, even a Google Play Store update.
    Go into your Google Play Store, accept and click next, it works!

    Also, close your Google Play Store, you now have a new Google Settings option as well, it\’s the Google Play Services, I know this because you go to Aptoide and click that Google Play Services version again and click \”open\”, it shows these same settings.
    These new settings are located in your apps, no not the settings > apps…
    These are located when you check for installed apps to open on your phone, it should say.. \”Google Settings\”. These have awesome new features for your accounts and abilities to delete other google apps. Enjoy!
    Everything should now be working again!

    • Again do this stuff after the other stuff you found from the web to fix other things first, such as removing account and clearing cache, uninstalling updates and forcing apps to stop, restarting the phone after and so on.. and then do the steps I gave with \”using another app to install the latest Google Play Services\”.
      Why didn\’t Google or Android \”the phone\” have this as an option? Probably because Google didn\’t want anyone to use another app to do this stuff just in case your phone might have been rooted, they want you to force yourself to \”factory reset and default everything\” because they don\’t want you using stuff like game emulators or what you do with your phone, and they don\’t want you to be able to fix the issue which is like probably a \”lock out\” security feature on the phone, it\’s possible that it was also a version issue and Google probably knew, and they probably just didn\’t want you to fix it for the same reason, they wanted you to factory reset and restore defaults instead of giving you an option, so they did it on purpose just in case you have game emulators or whatever you use on your phone, just a guess.

      Hope this helped you! 🙂

    • Thank You Soo Much! That really worked, I updated play services using aptoide and then cleared its data.
      Once again thank you

  17. Hi,
    I was wondering if somebody would help me in fixing this error in Google Play Store. How can I deal with this problem when you have a Samsung Y – Young? I definitely jhave no idea how to do this because my smartphone has no Google Play Services or Framework.
    Anyway, I found this articles absolutely helpful. Thanks for finding such solutions for people from all over the world!
    Thanks for understanding my
    P.S. Could you possibly help me
    quick? I find it really neccessary.

  18. It didn\’t work on my Galaxy S4 until I went into Apps>Settings>Application Manager>Turned Off, and turned Google Services Framework back on. I then deleted my Google account and re-added it. Problem solved.

  19. Thank you very much.

    Samsung Note 3 with same error message + Android.media.process stopped. Igot this problem after loading an image from pc Airdroid into Note 3. Have tried clearing cache + data, but it did not work.

    Tried Solution 1 – and it worked for me. Did it by unchecking \’automatic date and time\’ + \’Automatic time zone\’.

    Relaunched Google Play Store and it asked me to \’Reject\” or \’Accept\’ their Terms and Conditions. Pressed \’Accept\’ and Google Play Store opened. Hip-hip-hurray!!!

    Thank you again as this solution had saved me $$$, if I had to bring it to a technician to solve this problem.

  20. Well, they say the best way to learn something is to royally mess it up first…and that\’s what I did. Thank goodness I found your post! I did end up having to use the 4th solution but it worked like a charm. Thank you!!!

    • You can also try to reset app preference to fix this annoying issue, it will reset all app settings. And you don’t need to worry about your app data; you won’t lose it.

  21. Last method worked for me for Lenovo P1m. Keep in mind that, once you remove the google account you have to perform \’force stop\’, \’clear cache\’ \’clear data\’ for play store and frame services and then reboot before adding the google account again

  22. I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there , rather than buying a new phone? Lol


  23. I tried all the suggested solutions above but sadly none of them did worked..anybody else got some suggestions out there ,

  24. get the andriot app and install google play services and store it will work. but i had another issue. it keeps showing rrtry connection and i need help

  25. please guys help me I\’m facing a similar problem my phone is Sony xperia so I\’m facing this Error retrieving from server.[RH-01]


  26. Please give attention to this comment… If you do reply in how to fix this it would be such a great help
    I accidentally clicked Uninstall Updates of the Google Play Services and Google Play Store a the Settings…. I thought my Google Play Services would be in the latest version after what I did but I came in stuck at the factory version of it… I cannot work with my device smoothly without Google Play Services yet it is connected to all my things to do… I can\’t update it yet my Google Play Store is always saying \’Error retrieving information from server [RH-01]\’ if I open it …. My Google Play Services won\’t work if it is not updated by Google Play Store has that error too…
    I always receive notifications about Google Play Services and it says \’Google Play Services Error\’
    Plsss help me …. I am very thankful to the one who will help me….

  27. If ur still hitting a brick wall try installing same version of google play services framework by googling the apk version to download and install. Make sure install unknown sources is checked for allow. This is guaranteed to work

  28. HELLO GUYZ..
    i tried out all these ways but none of em seemed to work
    so i found out an another way
    1. go the setting
    2. select \’application manager\’
    3. select the option \”DISABLED APPS\”
    4.CHECK THAT IF YOU HAD \”DISABLED\” any google apps : playbooks, play mobies etc
    5 . IF ANYOF IT IS DISABLED then enable it
    6. clear all the cache of the enabled apps including playstore
    7. restart your device


    • YESSSS! this worked for me, at last! Thanks a lot!
      I tried all the options described in the post, plus downloaded APK version of Google Services Framework as suggested in another reply. Nothing worked.

      Went through loads of replies and found this one.
      Found some disabled apps (easy to be missed, the disabled ones are at the bottom of the list with ALL apps) like Google Text-to-Speech and other ones I thought I didn't need and then the problem was solved. So not sure which one of the disabled apps was the critical one, but it did the trick

  29. I root my htc desire htc 820g plus and changed devie model , android version no. Of phone via build.prop and i am thinking this is why google play is not working . Is there is any thing i can do

  30. This is not working to my samsung galaxy tab 3…. tell another way to open my google play store

  31. I had the same problem for months until one day out of frustration i hit the reset app preferences tab and you guessed it. It worked.

  32. I get this message while trying to use the app for kohls clothing store "error while retrieving information from server. please try again later"

    I don't have any issues with play store. How do I fix this? Galaxy S3 running 4.4.2

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