How to fix “Error retrieving information from server: [DF-CHARTA-01]” in Google Play?

Google Play users recently started reporting that when they tried to login the message ”Error retrieving information from server: [DF-CHARTA-01]” appeared in their screens. Most of the users who faced with this issue were affiliated with US universities and had university-based accounts. It is a common practice among universities to provide their employee and students with university-based mail-boxes in .edu domain registration. This service is ideal to manage communication within universities making easy to deliver all sorts of information to the addressee. While one is tied to the university he routinely uses his university-based account downloading all kinds of applications. If for some reason he stops the university and tries afterwards to get into Google Play, he experiences ”Error retrieving information from server [DF-CHARTA-01]” issue.

To delete the university account and start to use a new one is a way which suits no one. Indeed, all contacts, plays, programs and other important information will be deleted. Fortunately we have managed to find out that this issue arises due to the process of how Google interacts with emails accounts within .edu domain – University-managed Google accounts. Below we list two ways to tackle this problem.

1. Switch a university account to a private one.

To get rid of the error [DF-CHARTA-01] one can always add a new account to his Android-phone, then go to Google Play menu and switch Google Play to use the latter. To do so one has to follow the steps:

  1. Open Google Play;


  2. Tap Settings;


  3. You will see the name and email address associated with the account you are using;


  4. To select a different account, scroll down Selector;


  5. Select the account you want to use and tap on it.

Now your Google Play is supposed to work just fine!

2. Activating Google Play in administration console (only for students’ accounts)


  1. To use this method, one needs an administrator account;
  2. Open website using any browser;
  3. Select Add Account;
  4. Enter administrator account’s credentials on the login page.

You may see several accounts on the login page. Select the one which does not end in That is the administrator account. If you do not have this one you may ask someone who has it. Further you have to activate Google Play box in Application option.

  1. Navigate Administrator Console -> Applications -> Additional Google Applications;


  2. Select Google Play.


  • If you have created your account and/or you are able to create users accounts for your domain, you also may have an access to
  • If your account was provided by a university (a company, etc) , please, make sure you agree your actions with IT-department or administrator.
  • [DF-CHARTA-01] error is not related to your private accounts.
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  1. Sooo basically because it is illegal for you track our mandatory (is we don\’t have a choice) .Edu accounts in order to use the only app download program for our phones you are requiring us to add a trackable account? Glad I don\’t need my phone for anything else for real

  2. I don\’t see how to switch google play to gmail account. When I tap settings in Google play , no account comes up

  3. I made a new email, had to add it out using Google app (not play store), then it appeared as indicated in the image above, in Play Store. Annoying as hell.

  4. If you do not get the little arrow near your email, all you have to do is make an account on you phone using the google app, log in, and it the little arrow will then pop up on your email in google play store. I know it\’s a bit unclear but not even a 1 minute fix. Hope I could help 🙂

  5. I had an .edu and .org account and neither would allow Google Play to work. I created a new Google account and when I went to Google Play I made sure to select my personal account to be the active account. It worked like a charm. Thank you all for your help.

  6. But what happens if this is not an edu account. This was not very helpful. >:-( Didn\’t even mention the other case.

  7. This happens for non .edu gmails as well. All you must do is create another email with google outside of playstore. When you go back to your settings (the three lines), click on them and there should be an arrow next to your name. You can now either use the other account or log in to that account. By doing that, it should work.

  8. My play store won\’t load at all. When I open it, it loads the headers and categories, but no apps. I don\’t have a university account either. I get the \”error retrieving information from the server DF-CHARTA-01\”error. Idk what to do.

  9. I tried to log in to playstore after logging on to chrome with my school district account. I had the devil logging out of it. I logged into gmail with my private account. I finally got back to playstore, hit the ||| that is turned sideways and then I could see both accounts, more or less side by side. My professional account had my picture. My private had my first initial as an icon. I hit that and then backed out and tried again. I got hooked up. So frustrated because I got a new phone to run a hearing aid app. If not for your post I'd still be lost, so thanks a lot.

  10. Why is it that the source code reads basically in laymens terms: to check for a cloned sim cards and your locations of this cloned card if there is one. Its trying to assign another unique number to everyones sim card!

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