“Connection timed out” error in Google Play Store

When trying to download or update Google Play app many users complain that the message “Connection timed out” displays on device’s screen. Today we will try to find out the cause of this bug and help our readers to fix it.


Method 1.

Your internet provider could cause this issue due to incorrect DNS-servers running. That is, a server is unable to match the IP-address of the computer requesting information and the domain name of the recourse to which your comp communicates. It is possible to fix the issue. You just have to install DNS Changer on your device and select GoogleDNS in the settings (one does not need root access. It’s free). If you get internet using Wi-Fi, you have to type as the DNS server in your router settings.


Method 2.

Another method to tackle this issue is to change your internet connection from Wi-Fi to mobile 3G internet or vice versa. It is possible that the cause of the error lies in current network operating troubles. One more point, while operating through Wi-Fi the error can appear due to router’s malfunction (a certain new software versions are inferior and might contain bugs. So, it is worth to install earlier versions. They are often more reliable.)


Method 3.

There might be extra addresses in the /etc/hosts file. The only line localhost is required in this file. The rest should be deleted. After doing so, one has to save the modified file and check Google Play operating. To clear the /etc/hosts file you need root-access (the steps to get it for various devices have been already discussed many times in our web site).


Method 4.

Incorrect Date can be another cause of the error occurrence. In this case not only the store is out of use but also other Google services don’t work.The period of certificate validity has not been arrived. That can be easily fixed: Set the correct date!


Method 5.

“Connection timed out” error in the Google Play store can occur due to Freedom app. This app really allows the users get the paid stuffs (an app or a service) for free by cracking them. Freedom changes the hosts file, which is in the /system/etc folder (see, Method 3 above). That is the cause of the issue. Now, follow the next steps to fix it:

  • Uninstall Freedom;
  • Get Root-access (in case you have not got one yet);
  • Install RootExplorer and give it root-access permissions;
  • Find the hosts file in the /system/etc/ folder using RootExplorer. Open this file with Text Editor. Now, clear it completely. Then, type the only line localhost;


  • Save the modified file;
  • Delete Google account;
  • Clear Cache, Google Play, and Google Services Framework data;
  • Reboot the device;
  • Navigate Google Play and add Google account once more.

Hope our methods will help you and “Connection timed out” error will bother you no longer.

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