How to force dark mode on your apps in MIUI 11?

It’s no secret that using dark mode can not only protect your eyes from fatigue, but also save your smartphone power if it has an AMOLED display. On the other hand, some people just like dark colors, and it doesn’t matter if they have AMOLED or IPS screens. Quite often, however, Android users are faced with the problem that many applications from third-party developers sometimes do not support dark mode. They wonder if there is any way to make such apps work in dark mode. The answer is yes, the MIUI firmware already has a built-in feature that allows you to turn on dark mode for all installed applications.



How to force dark mode on your apps in MIUI 11?

First of all, make sure that Developer Options are already unlocked and enabled on your smartphone.

  1. Now, go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options;


  2. Find “Override force-dark” in the list and activate it.


Now, after turning on the dark mode, all applications will become dark, regardless of whether the developers have added this feature to them or not. This is very convenient, and most importantly simple. The results, using the Zoom application as an example, you can see above.

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