How to install a custom watch face on Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Recently Xiaomi has launched fitness tracker Mi Band 4. It comprises long-expected color display and inbuilt physical activity monitor. Watch faces are most interesting features. Mi-Fit app now supports 49 ones. You can select any of them. Nevertheless developers secured an option to add customers watch faces. Unfortunately now it is not easy to do so. Today we show you an easy step-by-step instruction.

How to install a custom watch face on your Mi Band 4?

GadgetBridge still doesn’t support Mi Band 4. You can’t download a firmware on you band. Therefore it is impossible to create you own watch face. On the other hand you can download hundreds custom watch faces from various sites, for example, from Amazfit Watch Faces. Just open site on your browser, select wanted watch faces and download “.bin” file for selected watch face.

Amazfit WatchFaces

Now, to use these watch faces on Xiaomi Mi Band 4 you have to move the “.bin” file to the data folder of the Mi-Fit App. In doing so, connect your smartphone to your computer. Go to the folder where you downloaded the selected watch face, copy it by following the path

Android > Data > > files > watch files > watch_skin_local.

This is the destination for the data folder of the Mi-Fit App where watch faces and other related data are stored.

After you pasted the file into the required folder, go to Mi-Fit app, then go to “Profile” tab. Tap on “Mi Smart Band 4” on “My devices” section.

In Mi Smart Band 4 menu tap Band display settings to go to watch faces.

In watch faces section swipe right to move to “My Band displays” tab. Here you will find local watch faces in your device storage. Since you haven’t engaged a preview file for your new watch face, it will be empty.

Now, tap the band screen and select “Sync Face”. You will wait a few seconds. It is necessary to sync the watch face with your band. Then you will see your watch face on your band screen.

When you use a custom watch face on Mi Band 4, a new one will replace the previous watch face. Thus, there is only one watch face can be stored on Mi Band 4 simultaneously.

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