How to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi?

Sometimes after playing music Xiaomi smartphone brings a surprise like earphones are removed from the jack, and yet the phone is still stuck in the earphone music mode. The headphone icon is still showing in the notification bar. And meanwhile a user sees that they are removed from the phone. What’s wrong? It’s not a serious issue and it is easy to fix it. And still it’s worth to find out the cause of the problem. This issue is often for most of Xiaomi devices. Our team has studied the problem and is ready to propose a couple of easy ways to get rid of the issue.

The cause is dust and small debris

Approximately in a half of cases the cause of the issue is dust in the earphone hole. Even if your phone cover is a good one, you put it in your bag or in your pocket. Usually there is plenty of dust and small debris in our pockets. You put something in it and here we are! So, you have to clean your earphone hole.

Headphone notification symbol

Just take an earbud or a toothpick and gentle clean the earphone hole. Do not use metallic objects like a needle or a wire. Insert a stick in the hole and turn it carefully around. Don’t press! You can damage contacts. You can put your earphone jack in the socket and then remove it. Repeat several times. It might help.

Software problems

In this case we make deal with a bag. The first thing to do is to restart your smartphone. If it does not work, turn on “Radio” app and put your earphone jack in the socket.

  1. You will see three points in the top right corner, tap it;
  2. Select “Turn on speaker”;
  3. Turn off the speaker and select “Turn on headphones”;
  4. Close “Radio” app to delete it from memory;
  5. Open “Settings” and go to “Applications”;
  6. Find “Radio”, tap it;
  7. Select “Clear all” and turn off your earphones. The icon should be vanished.
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