How to disable Bixby on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8?

After a few months of anticipation digital voice assistant Bixby Voice got shipped on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ all over the world. Indeed, in attempt to compete with such virtual assistants as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana, Samsung developed Bixby pretty well. Moreover, when trying to implement really complex operations in all sorts of apps Bixby looks smarter than its “competitors”. To find firmer foot in markets Samsung also released Bixby Page, which looked similar to Google Now Page on the home screen. It is pity that Bixby Voice is available only for several languages: English (American version) and Korean.

On the other hand, Google Assistant has been already installed in the devices. A customer has always a chance to use only Google Assistant and turning off Bixby. Today we will show how one can turn off Bixby Voice, and Bixby Page on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8.

How to turn off Bixby Voice?

If you want to use Bixby Voice, you can say “Hi, Bixby” holding Bixby button at the same time. Or you can get access to Assistant using Bixby Cards page. On the contrary, if you want to turn off Bixby Voice, follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate Bixby home page by clicking Home screen. Find there three points menu. Open it and select “Settings“;


  2. Here find and turn off Bixby Voice toggle. When you are asked to confirm turning off, tap Disable option. Using these steps you easily disable Bixby Voice. It will be active no longer. If you change your mind hereafter, just use this toggle again.



How to disable Bixby?

As we have already mentioned, Bixby page works pretty similar to Google Now Cards. In fact it is quite decent feature. The more you use it, the more helpful it appears to be. Nevertheless, if you want to disable it, press your device’s home screen and hold it until Bixby home page appears. Disable this page by using the toggle in the right top corner. That is it. You will see Bixby page on your home screen no longer.

Now, when you have already known how to disable Bixby Voice and Bixby Cards, you can use another virtual voice assistant. You can also be happy without any on your Samsung. We have told you about the easiest ways one employs to disable Bixby Voice and Bixby Cards on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8. We are interested in your opinion of this particular voice assistant. Whether you use it or not. If it so, whether you like to operate it. Do you want to disable it in future? And if you have already done it, have our instruction been useful? Share your experience with us, and please, leave your questions in Comments.

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