What are the benefits of switching MIUI Region on Xiaomi smartphones?

Today you will find out how the choice of MIUI region affects the settings of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones and the convenience of working with them. Everything you’ll learn today is relevant both for the latest MIUI version. The exceptions are models running on stock Android – Xiaomi Mi A1, A2, A3 and Mi A2 Lite. Owners of the rest of the model range will be able to use their devices in a completely legal way, without installing third party apps and getting Root access.

Why does region selection affect Xiaomi phone settings in MIUI 12?

Each group of countries and even some individual states have their own requirements for electronic devices operating in their territory. Delivering smartphones to different countries around the world, manufacturers are aware of the requirements and design smartphones according to the standards of the importing country. That’s why the behavior of gadgets depends on the region, although devices produced not only by Xiaomi, but also by other manufacturers are subject to these standards or requirements.

MIUI Region

As for MIUI 12, the company’s specialists customize it so that the operation of smartphones meets the requirements of countries. Some of the countries have the same requirements to gadgets, but in some countries the standards differ from all the others. For example, there are restrictions on the volume in headphones in a number of European countries, and there are no volume restrictions in India. And now what matters: the choice of the region is dictated by the country of user`s residence (or actual stay). But nothing prevents you from changing region in the settings of the device. It won’t affect the phone’s performance in any way, but new opportunities may arise. It all depends on which region you choose. And finally, don’t forget to reboot your smartphone to permanent your choice.

UK: Shaking off the adverts, but losing the themes

By choosing the UK region, you remove all ads from MIUI 12. Unfortunately, as a side-effect you’ll lose the opportunity to customize your smartphone with themes: it will vanish from the settings. If you want it back, change the region again and reboot the device.


US: Smooth gesture control

By choosing the United States as the region in MIUI 12, gesture control becomes smoother and more accurate. The standard was probably pulled up to the iPhone. Sound quality is also improved. Specifically, there’s a richer, deeper bass.

Singapore: Sounds loud

There are no sound volume restrictions both in headphones and through an external speaker in Singapore, so you will get the benefit as a region selection.


India: Increased firmware capability

If you select India region, the smartphone will sound louder. Of course, it’s not as loud as in Singapore, but the difference is still sensitive. But the main bonus is not in this, but in more system fonts in the themes menu. By the way, in this region you can freely watch videos and listen to music online, although only Indian content, which will obviously sound in one of the local dialects.


Mexico, China and India: Latest updates

If you set up Mexico, China or India as a region, you’ll be a beta-tester by choice. Users in these countries are the first to receive all firmware updates, sometimes with bugs, but if you like to try everything new before others, why not?


Let’s puzzle the question: which region to choose in MIUI 12?

As everyone is said to choose for himself or herself. Determine what is more important for you and choose your option. As for other regions, no tangible changes have been observed (checked). If we go from the opposite, the best choice for most will be the United Kingdom. There are not so many users who enjoys advertising and are not irritated with the bugs produced by the fresh firmware version. So which region will you choose?

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  1. Why restrict better gestures and sound to US? I can't imagine a country banning certain quality features.

    • Yeah, I've changed to US… And the gesture really good.
      I wonder if all good features included worldwide, of course it will be nice

  2. I changed my region to india for the sake of themes and wallpapers but now when i try to open the themes it automatically bounces back to the settings kindly help

  3. I am and indian and i use the indian system my phone name is redmi 6A that after changing to hong kong i cant update it to miui 12 other than that all is very much right

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