How to fix “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” error?

It is not uncommon for Android smartphone users to observe a sudden message in the screen: the “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped“. The beginners are often getting into panic and ready to give their smartphones up. In fact it is not as bad as it appears at first glance. If one examines information from various resources and a little sum of personal experience, he can list of issues that cause to display this error message. That is exactly we have done here. We hope that our analysis helps other users to fix this problem calmly, without emotion.

Mostly the error arises when trying to add a contact into phonebook, to save it, or to change it. To avoid the problem navigate Settings-Applications-All. Find “Contacts Storage” (the item’s name might vary for different versions but you can guess). Then go to “Clear data”. Surely, your contact list will be deleted. On the happier note, you most probably secure your device. Besides, if a user has a Google account, the contact list is save.

The second way, which is riskier, is to change the system file /system/csc/others.xml. You need to edit the line: TRUE. Ideal, you will have: FALSE. We warn again that this method is complex for the beginners. We highly recommend to apply this method only for experienced users.

Another cause of the «android.process.acore» error can be disabled Calendar Storage. To solve this problem you need to re-enable the “Calendar Storage”.

The fourth method to fix the problem is to go back to the factory settings. You will lose all modifications of the settings performed after purchasing the gadget (including the personal settings). Mostly it is not as bad as to recover the contact list manually. Ready to employ this method? Take your manual solution and find Recovery item.

Finally, the most effective method for fixing this error is to clear your smartphone memory. You will lose all your data. Nevertheless the application caused the error will be deleted from your Android device.

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  1. Suppose someone, not me of course :), had rooted their phone and confidently deleted parts of the OS, would you have any idea which part? All the other solutions you suggest have failed. Presumably the factory reset failed because some of the code was missing. How would I replace this code if it\’s possible? Android 4.4..2 on Samsung GTI515.

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