What is the “Mab” application on Xiaomi smartphones?

In the beginning of this year some users found out an unknown app “Mab” installed in their phones. Usually it came after a MIUI firmware updating. Obviously, the appearance of an unaware app is disturbing. What is it? A regular firmware, a spy app or a virus? There is almost nothing about “Mab” soft in the web. Nevertheless we have managed to find out a little.


Version 1.

While watching “Mab” functioning one noticed that the app was activated when a user ran a generic app “Forum MIUI“. Perhaps “Mab” is a service app which is closely related to activity of the Mi account app. The app is responsible for authentication, login, Mi account password, etc. But the peculiar thing is. Having “Mab” on hold does not affect the use of the Mi account. This fact has been confirmed by the users who tried to force the app stop.

Version 2.

However there is another opinion. It is assumed that “Mab” takes its part in identification process, when one buys something via Mi account.

The questions become. How to delete “Mab” in Xiaomi? And one more. Is it worthwhile? Doest it make sense to turn off this service or to force it stop? Users report that the app is quite persistent. It miraculously comes back in the smartphone when one connects his device to the web for the first time after successful deleting. Should one waste his time to tackle the app trying to delete it for good? It is not clear. The only this that is sure. It is not dangerous. One can try to hold a server running. The most wise way to do so is to employ “Titanium Backup” that requires to have root access. To get the app they just need to go to Google Play Store and download it.

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