How to upload a High Quality Instagram Story on Android?

To Android users’ frustration, the quality of recorded and uploaded video in Instagram Stories is significantly inferior to Apple smartphones. Shooting stories was not initially a weak point of devices running this operating system (up to version 50), but at some point Instagram underwent changes and the video quality deteriorated.


A little over a year ago we already published a unique manual with possible solutions to this issue. Each of the four proposed methods allowed someone to solve the problem, while none of them was universal. But we always try to be on track, so today we are ready to offer you another option to improve the quality of Instagram Stories on Android smartphones. This method is based on using a new third-party Instander client. It is hard to believe, but this application will allow you to receive high-quality video that rivals the iPhone.

How to get high quality videos on Instagram Stories using Instander?

Let’s start with downloading Instander – a modification of Instagram application. They are similar in many ways, but Instander has some additional settings. If you have a useful habit of checking uploaded APK files for malware, do it – for example, through Virustotal or another suitable service. We did it and found nothing suspicious.

Now let’s take a look at the settings that will help us improve the quality of Instagram Stories. Find the section with additional settings (“Instander Settings”) on your Instagram page and and open the “Quality Improvements” item there. Then select 12 Mbps video quality and see what changes have occurred.

Now the video looks better, but still inferior to the iPhone. The reason lies in the advantages of the iOS API camera. Nevertheless, progress is evident.

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