How to remove the “Shot on Mi 8 AI Dual Camera” watermark?

Watermark is an image or drawing. In the case of some Xiaomi smartphones, the watermark can be seen when shooting a portrait – it is located in the bottom corner of the picture you captured. It is not clear why the developers decided to add such a function, since not everyone wants to see such text in their photos. Therefore, in our today’s instruction, we will find a switch that is responsible for the deactivation of this watermark. Fortunately, this possibility is provided by the manufacturer.

Shot on Mi 8 Lite AI Dual Camera


How to remove the Xiaomi watermark from the camera pictures?


  1. Launch the Camera app;


  2. Open “Settings”;


  3. Find the “Device watermark” switch and uncheck it.


From now on, the watermark on the photos will no longer be displayed.

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  1. Same process works for Note 8. There is also (at least on the Note 8) a custom text whereby one could add one's own watermark – I can see uses for that.

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