How to Fix Low Video Quality on Instagram Stories?

Recently Android smartphones users have complained a lot about dramatically loss the quality of the videos which users upload for their Instagram accounts in sharing their stories. Owners of iOS devices do not face the issue. Most complains came from former iPhone users who have recently switched to Android. They want to blame new OS. Our researchers found out that the “green robot” was unlikely a cause of the problem but an innocent sufferer.

Instagram Stories


The cause of pixelated Instagram Stories

In fact the issue is hidden in the social net. It came with updated software starting from the 50th version. It downloads video with H.264 MPEG 4 part 10 codec. It is its fault that videos are blurry with shots loss. Pixels might be seen even with an naked eye. Unfortunately there is no solutions of how to fix it. Tech support is silent. And sometimes there are some voices advising to change an Android for an iPhone. This may work fast however it’s a rather expensive way. Moreover to follow this way means the Android lose the battle against iOS. That is a lot of users will have to change their favorite phones.

How to upload high quality videos to Instagram Stories?

We are sure that one might get out of a tight spot with a little persistence and wits. Our researchers found out four methods of how to upload high quality videos to Instagram Stories. They vary in efficiency and complexity and all of them produce fine video quality.

Method 1. Install earlier Instagram version

This way is essential. Since the issue started from 50th version. It is enough to install, for example, 47th version (instagram-47.apk) and quality video will be restored. The only minus will be the loss of all the innovations realized with new software, say, voice messengers. For someone it is substantial.

Attention: Using this method do not forget to block auto updating Google Play Market apps. Otherwise Instagram will updated up to the latest version. And the issue will come back.

Method 2. To record videos via Open Camera

The second method is using other video camera for recoding with correct codec. It is enough to install Open Camera app and to choose MPEG4 HEVC codec in its settings.


Method 3. To use the GBInsta app (universal method)

Install the GBInsta 1.50 version and check video quality. You can use any camera in your Android. Then upload your videos via this mode. Note, that one can record video via this mode directly and the quality will be fine. The feature of this version is to be installed and work with the official software. That is why there is no need to delete current Instagram version.


Method 4: To convert videos through Convertio (simple method)

The fourth way to fix poor video quality is to convert the recorded video from the standard MP4 format (Android device format) to the MOV format (iOS device format). To do this, just download the Convertio application from the Google Play Store, select your video and start converting it to MOV.

That is all. Choose your way and enjoy fine quality of your videos on Instagram Stories!

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  1. Yep, like the 2 users above, I can confirm that none of these methods work. Quality isn't even a little better, its literally the same. this page is obvs trying to help but dont waste your time

  2. method 1 actually works with my samsung A51,the story and video quality are really smooth! but the only bad thing is the version doesnt give filters, can you provide a lil bit higher version other than 47th version but before the 50th one

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