How to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner on Android devices?

These days fingerprinting scanner is not something special. It is a often feature of economy class smartphones and not just an attribute of the flagship phones. A fingerprinting scanner serves to unlock your phone. It protects your device from unauthorized access. It is used as an option to secure certain applications. It is very handy and save solution. Unfortunately, it does the job until a scanner recognizes a registered fingerprint.

Possible causes for the issue


  1. Home touch button/fingerprint sensor has been damaged (when one opens the device on his own or after a hard break);
  2. Software dysfunction;
  3. Button surface is wet or dirty;
  4. Change of fingerprint pattern (it might be result of physical skin damage like its coarsen due to chilblain, chemicals, calluses).


How to fix the dysfunctional fingerprint scanner?

Tip 1: If you are sure that the button is damaged, take your device to a repair shop. Mostly repairmen manage to fix it.

Tip 2: Update your phone software. It is quite possible you missed important apps upgrades which led your device scanner to malfunction. If, contrariwise, your phone stopped working after upgrading, return to the previous version. You can reset factory settings (do not forget to save a reserve copy to secure entire information).
Tip 3: Damp (not soggy!) cotton swab wetted with alcohol and carefully wipe a button surface. Make it dry and check whether the sensor is working. Tap the button with clean and dry fingers.

Tip 4: It is a very effective way to delete a registered fingerprint. A fingerprinting scanner is not only getting right but also faster. Take the following steps:

  1. Remove the registered fingerprint;


  2. Go to “Settings” -> “Sound & vibration”, turn off “Screen locking sounds”;


  3. Return to “Settings” -> “Lock screen & password” and setup 2 minutes;


  4. Then enter fingerprints like that: first time touch the sensor with a dry finger, second time with moisten (not wet!) finger. As an option you can touch a moisten sponge first or just lick your finger.

As though it sounds ridiculous this method works and does it perfectly. It has been tested on Xiaomi smartphones.

Do you know other effective methods to make a fingerprinting scanner work? Tell us in Comments below how you have managed to teach your device scanner not “to be slow”. Definitely your way will capture attention of our readers.

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24 thoughts on “How to fix dysfunctional fingerprint scanner on Android devices?”

  1. After update from nougat 7.1.2 to Oreo 8.0 Finger print enrollment is not working, unable to register finger prints how to fix it?
    Even I deleted all finger prints and rebooted the device twice

  2. After update from nougat 7.1.2 to Oreo 8.0 Finger print enrollment is not working, unable to register fingerprints how to fix it?

    Please help

  3. Fingerprint scanner of my moble Lenono ZUK is not working. Android symbol is appearing with"get notification faster, view notification faster without unlocking t…. A bizarre sound is also coming out from the mobile.

  4. Thank you so much my first attempt doesnt work but when i turn of the vibrate on touch and vibrate on silent then it really work.. Thanks a lot?

  5. its working when your screen lock sound is on try to off the sound and it will works thanks a lot.. !!

  6. I wiped the finger print pad with alcohol and touched with moisturized finger and also with dry finger but it did not work. Perhaps it was fully drunk, because I used alcohol at the first time as per your advice. Not fruitful. Thank you.

  7. Is possible for father and son to have same fingerprints? My son has been accessing my phone apps using his fingerprint. Now sensor no longer detects my fingerprint. What can I do?

  8. Saying "take it to a repair shop" avoids answering the question of how to fix the issue instead of offering a solution.

  9. I tried a solution with my infinix phone:
    At first remove all fingerprints set on the phone then Open your phone in safe mode (Google for it, each phone has its specific feature) , when your phone is in safe mode reset your fingerprints and reboot your phone and!!! Your fingerprints will work again at ease

  10. Thank you so much it helped the whole day I was looking on YouTube for solution your worked with a minute
    Thank you

  11. Oi tried it wi' an withoyt alcohol. It worked much better after lorge amounts av alcohol consumpshum cos by den oi literally thru me dag an' bone over de terrace!

  12. I restart my black view A8pro ,then my finger print scanner stop working I tried all I could but no avail, the bad part of it is that, I don't even see the app again ???????

  13. Good day I updated my infinix phone now d finger print sensor is not working what should I do

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