“Error while retrieving information from server [DF-DFERH-01]” in Play Store

Have you faced the message “Error while retrieving information from server [DF-DFERH-01]” while trying to download or update Google Play Store apps? Don’t worry, we are ready to tell you how to fix this issue. Usually data corruption causes DF-DFERH-01 error. Following the steps below anyone can get rid of the problem and leave behind this annoying confusion.

Method 1. Clear Data and Cache

  1. Navigate Settings -> Apps -> All.


  2. Go to Google Play Services Framework-> Clearing Data and Clearing Cache.


  3. Go to Google Play Store and repeat the same steps, Clearing Data and Clearing Cache to remove all data from Google Play.

If the error is not gone, employ Method 2.

Method 2. Remove your Google account and add one once again

  1. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google


  2. Select your Account


  3. Remove your Account and then once again Add Google Account.


  4. Restart your Android device and work with Google Play apps as usual.

Obviously, one can get rid of DF-DFERH-01 error fast and ease.

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  1. Same here. The error persists no matter how many times you clear the cache or remove/re-add your Google account.

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