How to fix “Device is not certified by Google” in Play Store?

Have you ever faced the issue when trying to download an app from Google Play the service just failed to run and the message “Device is not certified by Google” appeared in the screen? If it’s so this article is for you. We will explain why malfunction arises, whether certification lack causes problems, and show a safe way to fix this issue.

The reason why Google Store fails to run and shows “Uncertified device” error is due as follows. Google protects its rights and provides the users full and comfortable services and apps operations. That is why the company obliges the manufactures of devices which uses Google soft and services to get licenses. The process is available in many countries. A special labs network have been established to for this purpose. Indeed, nearly any vendor can get GMS (Google Mobile Services) for its smartphones. There are still three requirements:

  1. Devices’ hardware specifications must provide minimum possible functioning corresponds to OS Android version currently using by Google;
  2. The period for filing the license for a specific OS Android version will not be expired at the moment of sending the request to a lab (which is a reasonable request stimulating a platform development and expand devices’ capacities);
  3. It is necessary to purchase a license (the range is about from 100 to 150 hundred dollars for one model).

Google might have grounds to try their best to present the developed soft as fair as possible. Indeed, a full functioning system, efficiency, and comfort show that the company takes care of its clients. Those who purchase unlicensed smartphones are warned at the official company site:

  • The devices might be unsaved;
  • The applications and OS Android might fail to be updated;
  • It is possible that third-party Google apps might be installed in the device because Google have not certified the manufacturer;
  • Apps and services might work incorrectly;
  • Reserve copies might be obtained by unsecured ways.

Google has already notified its partners that GMS processes would be blocked on uncertified devices. The first activation of an unlicensed device will show the pop-up message informing the user that there is no guarantee of proper Google services work (as well as Google Store). Then Google apps downloads will be blocked. Users will have to look for third-party apps stores or install apps manually via APK. Nevertheless a desire for money saving provides to be strong. If it is such a case do not be surprised to get the message “Device is not certified by Google” when downloading a wanted app.

How to solve the issue of downloads apps from Google Play on an uncertified device?

Obviously, Google starts fighting violations and those who refuse getting licenses for produced devices in global. When this program is spread in the world, it is a question of time when it comes to a certain region. What we have today is a new line “Device Certification” in Settings menu appears after updating a certain app. Fortunately it is still possible to circumvent that difficulty.

A solution of “Uncertified device” issue has been successfully found. Before we start tackling the problem we would like to warn our readers:

  1. First, you have to understand that using this method is risky. Your device can be out of order temporary or for good.
  2. No one can guarantee that this method will be effective in your particular case.




  • Root access;
  • Root explorer;
  • Files build.prop [ stock & custom ].




  1. Replace the following lines from your stock build.prop to custom build.prop:

    ro.product.brand =
    ro.product.manufacturer = =
    ro.product.model = =
    ro.product.device = = =


  2. Save the changes;
  3. Go to Settings -> Application manager -> Google Play Store -> Clear all data;


  4. Do the same steps and clear Google Play Services;


  5. Boot your smartphone into Recovery (TWRP recommended);


  6. In TWRP Recovery menu select “Wipe” (Advanced Wipe) —> Cache and Dalvik Cache;
  7. Reboot your device and run Google Play Store.

Notice: Because you use a custom rom, you will still see “Uncertified Device” message in the Settings. After all done properly, it will not affect apps downloading or updating from Google Play.

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  1. Any other option? Im getting error message that Root access is required to edit systems properties. I downloaded root check and another error that \’B.S805.5 is not rooted, running Adroid 4.4.2 (kitkat)\’ comes up. Im trying to resolve the non certification issue on my Nasco Smart TV. Kindly help

  2. Built.prop is different on my xperia l please help..i have the same problem after flashing resurrection remix rom for xl

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  4. Hi there. I want to use a tv app on my tab 4 but because it is rooted so i can use foldermount it shows me uncertified device. Does this work around apply to me as well? would\’nt like to have to lose data downloaded as my data is not unlimited and very expensive. Please help.
    Regards Anwar
    South Africa Cape Town

  5. I have an s8mini so I need certified

    I have S8mini I need certified

    I have an S8mini and I need certified

  6. After following instructions, I still can\’t see some apps in the Play Store that require certified devices.

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