“Couldn’t add widget” on Recent Apps screen in Lollipop

Practically every time, after the release of the new version of the operating system, or after the obtainment of the updates, the users encounter various problems during the process of the work with the device. As a rule, there is nothing fatal in such situations, and they are associated with the small flaws, which are rapidly eliminated by the developers. But not all the users are ready to wait for the intervention of the specialists, therefore, we strive to share with you the methods for the elimination of the problems, which we find on the Net, or which we develop by ourselves.

At this time, the conversation will flow about the youngest version of the platform, namely, about the Android 5.0 Lollipop, and about the “Couldn’t add widget” error within the list of the last applications, which have been launched.

This problem, which is associated with the loading of the widget, may emerge because of one of the two causes:

  1. You have accidentally deleted (or have frozen) the “Google Search” standard application.
  2. You have obtained the root privileges for your own device, and, during the process of the rooting, the “Google Search” application has been frozen, or has ceased to work in the regular mode.

One way or another, but the resolution of the problem depends on the restoration of the normal work of the Google standard application.
1. We restore the “Google Search” application:

  • We come into the Google Play Store;


  • We search for the “Google Search” application;


  • We install this application onto our own device.


The problem may be not resolved by the simple reinstallation of the application. If the error still exists within the list, and the widget can not be installed, then we try the following method.
2. The booting of the device in the safe mode

  • We push onto the “Power off” physical button on the casing of the device (during this action, there will emerge the “Power off” menu item on the screen of the smartphone).


  • We select the “Power off” menu item on the screen, and we hold this menu item during the couple of the seconds.


  • Later, there emerges on the screen the proposal about the transition into the safe mode, then we agree and confirm this decision, by pushing onto the “OK” button.
  • We wait, till the smartphone will reboot in the safe mode.


  • When the apparatus has booted in the safe mode, we perform the reboot yet another time, but at this time, the reboot is usual (we switch off, and we switch on). It is not necessary to perform any additional manipulations during this action.


If the message about the error continues to emerge, then we shall be forced to perform yet another sequence of the actions, which will help with the guarantee to eliminate the problem.
3. We clear the data of the Google Search application.

  • We come into the Menu, and we select the “Settings”.


  • Farther, we select the “Apps”, and then the “All”.


  • We select the “Google Application”.


  • Farther, we select the “Space Management”, and then the “Clear all data”.

After this action, the obtrusive message about the problems, which are associated with the loading of the widget, will disappear.

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